Restoration of clay surfaces and Tapial building. August 2015

Seminar 10 and 11 August 2015

Collaborative volunteer workshop from 12 to 15 August 2015

This workshop will give participants hands-on construction experience in adobe structures, learning how to make stabilized clay plasters, lay adobe bricks, and apply traditional plaster finishes. In adittion, we learn to make “Tapial”, and traditional technique to build with clay. With this workshop, you will see all of the components of a traditional adobe wall section, and will understand the design details necessary to maintain and restore adobe walls and building with Tapial.


Learn to detect the most common problems in earth walls, adobe and rammed earth.

Value traditional and historical architectural heritage and know the materials and traditional techniques used in the area
Learn the requirements for a good restoration and the usual mistakes to avoid.


Laurent Coquemont

Master technician, researcher and technical consultant
Specialized in restoration and conservation of arquitechtural heritage, clay, lime plaster, formulation and application of lime concrete and mortar.

Jon Santibañez
Master Technician
Specialized in clay building: Adobe, BTC, Tapial..Sinde 1999 he is in charge of Adobera del Norte, en Amayuelas de Abajo, Palencia.

Appropriate for:

Technicians (architects, restorers) and construction workers

Students and anyone interested in clay building and restoring

Fee: 150€
Registration at:
Accommodation and meals, ask at;

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